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Los Marketplaces ya son el principal canal de búsqueda de información para comprar online

IAB Spain, la asociación de la publicidad y la comunicación digital en España, presentó ayer el Estudio Anual de eCommerce 2017 dentro de la Jornada de eCommerce realizada en Campus Madrid. El Estudio Anual de eCommerce, que analiza la evolución del mercado y el proceso de compra de los internautas, está liderado por la Comisión […]

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Google Makes It Easier to Create Virtual Reality Videos

Google has introduced a new video format, VR180, developed with input from its Daydream team. The VR180 format, which displays what’s in front of the user only, delivers good video quality both on desktop PCs and mobile devices. While VR180 videos appear in 2D on desktops and mobile devices, they appear in 3D VR when viewed with Cardboard, Google’s Daydream headset or a PlayStation VR headset.

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Purism aims to push privacy-centric laptops, tablets and phones to market

A San Francisco-based start-up is creating a line of Linux-based laptops and mobile devices designed with hardware and software to safeguard user privacy.

Purism this week announced general availability of its 13-in. and 15-in. Librem laptops, which it says can protect users against the types of cyberattacks that led to the recent Intel AMT exploits and WannaCry ransomware attacks.

The laptop and other hardware in development has been “meticulously designed chip by chip to work with free and open source software.”

“It’s really a completely overlooked area,” said Purism CEO Todd Weaver. “We also wanted to start with laptops because that was something we knew we’d be able to do easily and then later get into phones, routers, servers, and desktops as we expand.”

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