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Start enjoying sex once again with Intivar

Start enjoying sex once again with IntivarHearing men complain about the pressure that is being put on them to perform above average in the bedroom makes one think that women cannot experience any problems in that department and that they are just waiting for a guy with that huge erection that is going to rock their world. However, the truth is far, far from that and the fact is that women can have just as many problems that might prevent them from enjoying sex. Luckily, the solution to the vast majority of these problems is here and its name is Intivar.


The biggest problem that women can experience and that can ruin their sex lives is a hormonal imbalance that can occur for a number of reasons, mostly due to advancing age. Once the levels of estrogen, estradiol and other female sex hormones start to drop, so does the ability to enjoy sex. The decreasing levels of female sex hormones can result in a variety of issues, such as dryness of the vagina, the loss of elasticity and sensitivity of the vaginal walls and the subsequent drop in interest in sex.


And it is very difficult to explain this to your partner. They cannot imagine these problems being the cause and they often start to believe that the problem is in them and that they are not able to satisfy you. All of this can bring a lot of strain on the relationship and can lead to its demise. Luckily, Intivar is here to make all of this become a thing of the past.


Start enjoying sex once again with IntivarIntivar is a natural product which comes in form of a rejuvenating gel. Namely, it is applied straight onto the vagina and it provides a wide variety of beneficial effects that can make a difference between seeing sex as a chore and seeing sex as the mind-boggling and extremely pleasurable experience that it is. The first thing that Intivar does is it provides lubrication. It is not sticky or greasy as some other lubricants and the best thing about it is that once it is applied, it promotes natural lubrication of the vagina, rendering the issue of vaginal dryness and its accompanying pain obsolete.


In addition to this, the amazing formula in the Intivar gel provides you with an enhancement of the vaginal elasticity. It makes sure that your vagina has the elasticity it once had and that you can feel the stimulation that comes from sex. Furthermore, with Intivar, the sensitivity of the vagina is improved as well as its hygiene and health.

In short, Intivar is not only a lubricant, but a gel that can give you back your sex life. It will allow you to enjoy the wonders of an active and healthy sex life once again.

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